Friday, 7 September 2018: 11.00am - 12.30pm

Maria Aarts

Marte Meo Developmental checklists: Reading the developmental message behind special behaviour

Maria Aarts - Founder and Director of the Marte Meo International Network

This workshop will demonstrate how the Marte Meo developmental checklists support early learning. Marte Meo observes special behaviour with a special focus and with the help of the Marte Meo developmental checklists, this session will explore the skills that some children can be missing, which impact their ability to interact with other children.

Dr sandy Farquhar

My Home, My Body

Dr Sandy Farquhar – Director of Early Childhood Educations at the University of Auckland

Our bodies are home to our emotions, our senses, our selves. This interactive workshop will explore ways to care for ourselves during our busy lives caring for others. Principles of mindfulness will be discussed and hands-on activities shared, with the aim of introducing participants to some simple practices that may reduce stress and enhance personal wellbeing.

Perry Campbell

Say as I do – the art of articulation

Perry Campbell – Deputy Educational Leader and General Manager Educational Leadership, ACECQA

There is great value in the work that educators do, sometimes the challenge can be in being able to articulate practice. This session will explore strategies to better articulate the work educators do in providing quality outcomes for children and families.


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