Friday, 7 September 2018: 1.30pm - 2.15pm

Dr Angela Fenton and Nicky Spalding

A strengths approach to child protection education in family day care

Dr Angela Fenton – Senior Lecturer and Associate Head – School of Education, Charles Sturt University
Nicky Spalding – Early Childhood Educations and Care Facilitator and Consultant

A strengths approach to child protection education in Family Day Care Focusing on children’s and families’ strengths can be an effective way to prepare for the complex child protection responsibilities as a Family Day Care educator. In the workshop the presenters will outline the outcomes of a Charles Sturt University Community-Partnerships Grant. The grant was used to develop a Strengths Approach (McCashen, 2005) to child protection preparation training. The presenters will elaborate on the development of a resource kit and training that was designed to help embed a strengths-based perspective into the current child protection training being offered to family day care educators and staff.

Olwen Forker and Merinda Mears

Early intervention with a twist: a Neuroscience-based approach to closing the 30 Million Word gap

Merinda Meares – Educational Leader, Choices Family Day Care
Olwen Forker – Paediatric Speech Pathologist, BackChat Speech Pathology

Talking, reading and playing in the early years is crucial to the brain development of children. This session will introduce the BackChat Speech Pathology Early Tears programme, Baby BackChat.

Vicki Cook

The value of effective administrative practices

Vicki Cook – Administration Officer, Camden Family Day Care

Staff who perform administrative roles within the sector operate a diverse range of functions; they are the first point of contact for potential families and educators, provide ongoing training and support for educator business practices and legislative requirements, manage systems and processes to ensure the effective daily operations of the service and at times find ourselves as an incidental counsellor in emotional and sensitive situations. The focus of the presentation will include aspects of the elements drawn from the UNSW research commissioned by FDCA (Perspectives on quality in Australian family day care) and how they relate to the administration responsibilities/roles for services and educators.

Robyn Henderson

Dare to dream - Self esteem and confidence building for busy people

Robyn Henderson – Global Networking Specialist, Author and Ghost Writer, Networking to Win

Low self esteem can be experienced by directors, managers, supervisors, family day care educators, parents and the children in their care. Everyone experiences low self-esteem and confidence at some time in their life – it’s just that people rarely speak about it – until now.


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