Friday, 7 September 2018: 2.30pm - 3.15pm

Luisa Morfe

Beyond tokenism to making a difference

Luisa Morfe – Managing Director, Kentish Lifelong Learning and Care Inc
Ray Beekmans - Corporate Services Manager, Kentish Lifelong Learning and Care Inc

In this session, Luisa and Ray will share the lessons they have learned in the last four years as they have built Cultural and Heritage programs for the Kentish educators and staff. You will learn how to:

- Go beyond tokenism – by identifying tokenism examples in your service and creating alternate options;
- Be aware of the do’s and don’ts when setting up your own Cultural and Heritage program from scratch;
- Incorporate Cultural and Heritage initiatives into your induction programs; and
- Convince your management of the 3 main reasons why engaging a part time Cultural and Heritage officer is well worth the investment for your service.

Caroline Fewster

Contemporary play and learning possibilities especially designed for babies and toddlers

Caroline Fewster – Early Childhood Education Consultant and Adjunct Professor at Bond University

Drawing on contemporary approaches to early childhood environments. This program highlights visions and values considered to be excellent practice values that promote a sense of place for meaningful relationships and learning, and spaces especially designed as an invitation for babies and toddlers to explore, discover and experience the joy of a family day care setting.

Andrea Darley

Perspectives on Quality Workshop – Relationships in Family Day Care

Andrea Darley – Service Liaison Officer, Family Day Care Australia

Utilising the resource titled “Perspectives on Quality – Relationships” we will examine why positive relationships are essential for high quality in family day care.

Mike Roberts

Managing risk in family day care

Mike Roberts – Partner, Vardanega Roberts Solicitors

Vardanega Roberts Solicitors have been providing advice to the family day care sector for over 13 years. This session will focus on topical legal issues that arise for family day care educators in the course of running their business that Vardanega Roberts Solicitors are currently advising on.


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