Saturday, 8 September 2018: 10.30am - 12.00pm

Maria Aarts

Marte Meo Developmental checklists: Reading the developmental message behind special behaviour

Maria Aarts - Founder and Director of the Marte Meo International Network

This workshop will demonstrate how the Marte Meo developmental checklists support early learning. Marte Meo observes special behaviour with a special focus and with the help of the Marte Meo developmental checklists, this session will explore the skills that some children can be missing, which impact their ability to interact with other children.

Catharine Hydon

Starting Out Safely: Embracing an innovative approach to road safety education for family day care

Catharine Hydon – Early Childhood Road Safety Education Program

This presentation will explore how family day care educators can embed road safety education in their everyday practice and thereby offering children and their families the best chance at becoming safer road users.

Lisa Palthorpe

Our image as an early childhood education and leader working in family day care

Lisa Palthorpe – Early Learning Capability National Manager, Goodstart Early Learning

Participants will engage in hands-on learning experiences to consider their image as an early childhood education and care leader. This session will explore ‘who you are’ as a leader and how your leadership impacts early learning. Additionally we will consider how your identity as a leader influences your everyday practice.

Deidre Knight

A heart centred approach to environmental sustainability in early childhood education and care A heart centred

Deidre Knight – Educator, DECD Central Metro Family Day Care Scheme

2016-17 FDCA Excellence Fund recipient, Deidre Knight, will present a summary and the findings of her “Heart Centred Approach to Education for Sustainability within the Family Day Care Sector” project. Participants included 8 educators, 17 children and 3 coordinators.  Over seven,  2 hour sessions participants considered their place in the world, sustaining self and the community, nature play, resource management, purchasing choices, chemical free environments as well as how to reduce their energy and water usage.


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